“The only thing in this world that you have control over is your state of mind! And certainly that connotes the fact that the creator intended that to be the most important asset that you have and it is because with the use of that mind you can project into any objective or to the attainment of any end you choose. Your education, your background, your nationality, your creed, has nothing whatsoever to do with your ability to achieve. It’s the state of mind that you maintain! That’s the thing that determines how and what and when you achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

Transit (A Short Story)

This is an audiobook of a short story that I wrote with Nicholas Benson. Beat by Jeremy Ian Thomas (SAM KOFA). Record, edited, mixed, and mastered by Me. I hope you enjoy it!

If you’d like to read the story, here it is, too:

The subways were always rattling and screeching
train speed just seemed to be increasing
Jahmail, in his mind, was straddling the deep end
His fear was there and stuck like adhesive
The B and the F line derailed last week
The bums went from cart to cart with disease
He gotta find another way to and from.
The platform be smelling like poo and rum.

Jahmail would hit the ROAD
Pick still in his FRO
In his bookbag–laptop, yoga mat ROLLED,
Headphones to BLOCK OUT the pleads and COP OUTS
on the trains where some homeless call HOME.

He wished a derailed TRAIN would hit these LAMES.
They prolly wished the SAME. He never gave CHANGE.
But He could sorta relate. he was homeless, too.
he hit the shelter and did what he was supposed to do.

Every stop he feared of the train going UNDER.
Drowning in his own blood in the TUNNEL.
The bus was another way to go.
Not as FAST but if he CRASHED he may not get a SCRATCH.

On the new way, past the ymca
There was a girl out there, twirling her hair
She saw Jahmail witness this
She solicited him for swimming lessons in the gym,
“you know how to swim?”
He told her he didn’t and wasn’t into it
“what if you ever fall off a bridge and shit?”
The joke got his attention.
“did I mention, it’s just 5 dollars if you’re beginning?”

He daydreamed the bus slid over a bridge and some scenarios in which he might LIVE:
Like unlock the back window emergency LID,
Climb out the side leaving women and KIDS,
Wait till the last second to jump and DIP.
And when the bus popped back up hold onto IT
And FLOAT till help came through with a BOAT.
These selfish DREAMS put him at EASE. He said “No, i’m straight”.
The girl said “ok, will you take this flyer and have a nice day?”
“I’ll take it, thank you, you too”
Then he started on his new route.

back of the bus
Binge-watching interVIEWS youTUBE and stuff.
he looked at the flyer. Classes for yoga
A bum leaned over
tapped on his shoulder.
“can you spare something?”
“Look like you writing raps, let me hear something”
He thought the bum would only get a beer or something
Big belly asking for food. Clearly fronting.

then one honk
Two honks
Three honks
Siderail scraping getting cut off
Looked To the left
A driver sleep at the wheel
The ymca chick joke coming real
He pulled the stop cord so hard it popped off
broken bus door ajar he hopped off
Before the cops swarmed he walked a block off
Clearly the ferry was his last resort
No money for a passport he passed the port
Plus with the bad transit he would rather walk

He thought about this morning when he had the talk there
With the girl twirling her nappy short hair
How did she know?
He turned around and for a second was glad he was broke and couldn’t get on the boat
He was headed to work but now had no way to go so he headed back home